At Shutters by JA Paint Shop we only use basswood for our custom wood shutters. When it comes to plantation shutters, we know our customers want something that will last. These custom shutters are an investment and enhance the value of a home. For this reason, we provide the best materials possible. There are other materials available on the market, and if a customer wants their blinds in a different material, we will make it happen. However, in our experience, basswood resists warping, twisting, fading and any other problems that these other materials cause. For instance, a lot of companies use PVC, a type of plastic that is hollow. It is low cost, but the appearance is very plastic looking. It can also yellow with too much sun exposure over time.

The biggest benefit of wood shutters in the lowered energy bills. They will block out UV rays and heat in the summer while still letting in sunlight. In the winter, the strong wood material will act as a barrier to the cold. Plantation shutters are also very low maintenance. They are a permanent fixture in the window and our craftsmen provide excellent installation. These shutters are easy to clean with a simple dusting, which is important in the desert atmosphere. They also resist sagging and warping.

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Wood Shutters in El Paso

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Wood shutters are an attractive alternative to the usual blinds made from either plastic or aluminum. They can be painted and stained in a number of different ways to give any room a touch of style. Wood shutters protect against the summer heat and act as an extra barrier against the cold in the winter. They are also much easier to clean than traditional blinds. They are a permanent fixture, so you don’t have to worry about changing them with the decor of your home. Wood shutters are very versatile, yet simple, so they match with just about any style. This is also a very timeless selection that won’t outdate your home when the latest trends pass.

Wood Shutters Are Better Than Other Materials Available