Interior Shutters by JA Shutters in El Paso

white interior shutters letting some sunshine into the living room

Shutters By JA Paint Shop

If you are looking for a more simple, yet stylish window treatment, plantation shutters are the right choice. These custom made shutters look great in just about any home and come with many benefits.

The Benefits of Custom Plantation Shutters

They fit any window. With Shutters by JA Paint Shop, there isn’t a window in your home we can’t cover. From arches to odd shapes, we can create the interior shutters you want. We can give any room in your home the look you are going for.

They add style to any room. The clean uniform look of custom shutters adds a presence to any room in your home. We can create shutters for you in the traditional white or we can stain them any color to match your home’s unique decor.

Easier to clean. If you have been living in the Sun City for any number of years, you know how dusty it is here. Windows are usually the first place to gather dust and grime. The good thing about these shutters is that they are much easier to wash than blinds or other forms of plastic based window treatment.

Block out sunlight and UV rays. The thick material of the interior shutters makes it easier to block out sunlight and keep your home cool. Not only that, the materials used for the blinds blocks out harmful UV rays and prevents fading of the furniture near your windows.

Types of Interior Shutters

Basswood is the most common material for plantation shutters. It is light, stable, and resists warping, twisting and turning. It looks great stained or painted, so it is very versatile. At Shutters by JA Paint Shop we prefer to only work with Basswood. We have been providing interior plantation style shutters to El Paso for the past nine years and this material has stood the test of time.

There are other types of materials that include PVC, engineered wood, hollow vinyl, and MDF, however, we choose to stick to Basswood. It is the best in the industry, and it is great for the process we use.

All of our Work is Local and Made From Scratch

After the initial free estimate, a project normally takes around one month to complete. When you order shutters from our shop we start immediately and work from scratch. We don’t order prefabricated parts, and simply piece them together. We create your custom shutters in our shop, from the first cut to the last coat of varnish.  This is another reason we place so much confidence in our work and offer a lifetime warranty.

We offer solid craftsmanship on all of our custom shutter orders. We normally give you a free estimate and suggest which designs would be best for your home. Our experts take into consideration the amount of sunlight your windows receive, and the shape of your windows. All of our work is finished right in our paint shop by qualified experts. Contact us today to set up an appointment.