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Shutter Refinishing and Shutter Repairs in El Paso

If you are dealing with broken shutters, you may have gone with a company that offered substandard workmanship or low-quality materials. At Shutters by JA Paint Shop, we stand behind our work and materials with a lifetime warranty. In the nine years that we have provided custom shutters to El Paso area, we haven’t had any issues with our work.

However, if you do need shutter refinishing or shutter repairs, we are more than happy to help. We know that other shutter companies in El Paso turn down these kinds of jobs, but we welcome any opportunity to provide quality work. Perhaps your shutters are not broken, but you are no longer happy with the color you chose, we can take care of that too. Also, some windows in the home may receive more light than others. If this is the case, UV rays may have faded the paint over time. Our experts are happy to remove your shutters and repaint them in our shop.

Shutters By JA Paint Shop

Common Problems With Plantation Shutters

We understand that your plantation shutters are an investment. Because of this, we can take care of just about any shutter repair and restore your custom shutters to new again.

Broken Louvers: This is a common problem and can be very annoying. If one of the louvers on your shutters is broken, it can make the whole window look like an eyesore. However, this is one of the most simple fixes we can conduct.

Broken Magnets: Magnets or the plastic casings can break over time and the shutters may no longer stay shut. This is another easy fix for our craftsmen.

Louvers Won’t Stay Open: This problem goes right back to louver tension. If your wood shutters were installed wrong, or not assembled properly, this problem may happen.

You Need Shutter Refinishing: This is a common fix we see on a regular basis. Whether a homeowner regrets the color they chose or are changing their home decor, a change in color is a simple fix.

Shutters by JA Paint Shop Can Help

Whatever the case may be, broken shutters or windows in need of shutter refinishing can be a huge eyesore. Whether the color is wrong, you have a broken louver, or any other problem, our craftsmen can take care of your plantation shutters and have them looking new again. We know that these special window treatments are an investment in your home and you expect them to last. When you have custom shutters made by our experts, we deliver quality work with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today to conduct shutter refinishing or shutter repair or to create new custom shutters for your home.